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Return to Duty Testing in Fort Myers

Return to Duty and Follow Up Testing

Since 2009, the DOT has required a full return-to-duty process after a positive test for drug or alcohol use. In general, the process of return to duty can be long and involved. An employee who has been removed from duty because of a violation must successfully complete the entire process. This must be done before they are allowed to be considered for return-to-duty and be employed by a different DOT-covered employer.

The return-to-duty and follow-up testing of employees, normally of employees who failed or refused a drug test, requires employers to ensure the subject employee’s urine specimen is collected under “direct observation” procedures. This is an intrusive process; it requires that a same-gender observer witnesses the urine collection. In addition, employees are required to raise their shirt or blouse above the waist, lower their clothing or underpants and turn around in front of the observer while exposing their genitals. The purpose of this is to ensure the employee is not wearing a prosthetic device to cheat on the test. This is obviously a complex and personal test which should be handled professionally.

Male bus driver giving a thumbs up.

ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers personnel are professionally trained to administer and supervise these tests.

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