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Random Testing in Fort Myers

School-Based Random Drug Testing


Did you know?

  • The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of school drug testing twice. The second ruling expanded drug testing policies to include all students involved in extracurricular activities. The court’s decision was based on the belief that the safety gained by reducing substance abuse outweighed the infringement on students’ privacy.
  • Random drug testing advocates believe the benefits are twofold: First, the potential for testing may discourage some students from experimenting with drugs at all. Second, if a student does test positive their drug use can be identified early, making treatment more successful.
  • Students’ drug use doesn’t just affect them. Their behavior can negatively affect the teaching environment, compromising the teacher’s effectiveness and other students’ ability to learn. An athlete using drugs can affect his or her entire team, which has a ripple effect through the school and the community itself .
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Safe, unbiased random drug test method

Concerns about certain students or athletes being singled out for drug testing can be allayed. Our random testing utilizes randomization software that guarantees 100% random selection, ensuring an even playing field for everyone tested.

Bias-Free Students & Athletes Drug Testing

With our randomized software results, we eliminate bias and free any single individual from responsibility for choosing who gets tested. ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers offers several options to make it easy for your school to implement your drug testing policy.

Lab-based Drug Testing

Our labs offer straightforward, accessible testing for drugs and alcohol. Students who are sent to the lab are asked to provide a specimen; once collected the specimen can be analyzed in minutes in some cases. Other times results may be available in just a few days.

On-Site Drug Testing

Our on-site lab requires minimal space and can easily be set up with no disruption to your daily routine. This method has a number of advantages, including convenience and expediency.

Mobile Drug Testing

In situations where on-site testing can’t take place due to space restraints, our mobile services can come to you. All basic random drug and alcohol testing options are available with this method.

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Learn More About Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs of Fort Myers can recommend the best testing method to ensure your school or organization implements fair, unbiased random drug testing for athletes and students.

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